10News/U-T San Diego poll: 60 percent think Bob Filner should be recalled if he does not resign

Poll: 67% believe Filner should resign

SAN DIEGO - An exclusive 10News/U-T San Diego poll released early Sunday revealed that 60 percent of San Diegans surveyed believe Mayor Bob Filner should be recalled if he does not resign.

A total of seven women have publicly come forward to accuse the mayor of sexual harassment.

Filner announced Friday that he plans to take two weeks off for therapy. Before he heads to rehab on Aug. 5, 10News wanted to see whether San Diegans think Filner should continue running the city.

The poll asked 700 people, "Based on what you know, should Bob Filner remain in office? Or should he resign?"

67 percent of people thought he should resign, 22 percent thought he should remain in office and 11 percent were not sure.

The poll also asked, "If Filner does not resign, do you think he should be recalled?"

60 percent said yes, 28 percent said no and 12 percent were not sure.

Because of an ongoing lawsuit against the embattled mayor from his former communications director Irene McCormack Jackson and as several other women came forward, the city has implemented several restrictions on Filner, including one that bars him from private meetings with women.

The poll asked, "If the mayor is not allowed to be alone with women at work while on official business, does this affect his ability to run the city?"

68 percent said yes, 28 percent said no, and 4 percent were not sure.

Political analyst John Dadian told 10News, “As an insider, I don’t see how he can do it, looking at these numbers. I’ve never seen them this high and this solider ... these are overwhelming numbers.”

Click here to read the full results of the poll. (Mobile users: http://bit.ly/11moMfp)

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