10News viewer reaches out to help singer who had music, equipment stolen

Louise Tabler's equipment, music stolen on Dec. 31

LA JOLLA, Calif. - A local singer whose musical equipment was stolen on New Year's Eve is getting help from a 10News viewer.

10News first brought you Louise Tabler's story on Tuesday. Fortunately, a 10News viewer saw it and decided to help.

Gary Seiler is a musician, so he knows the importance of good musical equipment -- the kind that was stolen from Tabler, a favorite singer in San Diego's retirement communities for years.

"My wife saw a story about you on the news and I … it broke my heart," Seiler said to Tabler as he arrived at her La Jolla home on Thursday afternoon.

The story he's referring to is of a cruel theft that happened on New Year's Eve. Someone broke into Tabler's car and grabbed her microphones and cables, and her precious music.

"I've got some extra stuff that I don't need and that I would love for you to have," Seiler told Tabler.

That "extra stuff" was two professional-quality Sennheiser microphones and cable to connect them to amplifiers.

Seiler heads up one of the country's top Jimmy Buffet tribute bands, the CoastRiders. He performs frequently with his group around San Diego County. As a musician, he felt the pain of Tabler's loss.

"When you steal an artist's tools, everybody that enjoys what she is doing, every single person loses," Seiler said.

To say that Tabler is thankful for Seiler's donation is to understate her gratitude.

"It was a wonderful surprise. I've got a bag full of goodies again," Tabler said, referring to Seiler's donation of mics and cables.

Seiler's gift to Tabler takes care of the equipment loss she suffered. But her music -- arrangements compiled by her late husband Jim -- is still gone.

Tabler and Seiler offered a heartfelt plea.

"Take them, put them in an envelope and mail them to Channel 10," Seiler said.

"If you could possibly leave it or send it to Channel 10, John Carroll, that would be wonderful," Tabler added.

That's because unlike equipment, the music of Tabler's life and the music that is her life, is irreplaceable.

If anyone knows where Tabler's music is, you can mail it back to ABC 10 and KGTV will make sure she gets it, no questions asked.

ABC 10/KGTV contact information: http://www.10news.com/about.

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