10News reports credited as sexually violent predator Mark Pliska packs up, moves out

Pliska required to report new address to probation

VALLEY CENTER, Calif. - Residents in a North County community will sleep easier knowing a convicted sexually violent predator Mark Pliska no longer lives there.

Pliska moved out of Woods Valley Kampground Sunday morning and is now looking for a new place to live after a series of 10News reports.

Residents and management at Woods Valley Kampground are crediting 10News for a series of reports that lead to Mark Pliska's moving out Sunday.

“I would like to thank Channel 10News, Preston Phillips and the San Diego Sheriff's department for bringing this to our attention,” said Woods Valley Kampground Assistant Manager, Michael Ely.

Mark Pliska moved his RV into space #41 at the family vacation spot in Valley Center at the beginning of February.

“He did not disclose his full background,” said Ely.

Ely admits to 10News Pliska disclosed the fact he's a registered sex offender, but says Pliska failed to mention he's a convicted sexually violent predator who spent time in state prison and a maximum security state mental hospital.

“He did not seem to be a bad person,” said Ely.

It wasn't until San Diego Sheriff's Deputies showed up Friday morning to hand out sex offender notification flyers to the campground, and homes and schools within a half mile, that resident Mary Furch learned who the man living right outside her door really was.

Furch said, “I thought you've gotta be kidding me.”

Furch and others threatened to move if Pliska didn't.

“The community really needs to know about these things,” said Furch.

After 10News aired its story Friday, the campground gave Pliska until noon on Feb. 17 to move out.

Pliska moved out about an hour before that.

“His application was ultimately denied for residency through our main office. We did refund him his deposit we asked him to leave and he voluntarily left,” said Ely.

The campground manager admits a mistake was made in the office -- a staff member granted Pliska residency before his rental agreement was signed and approved.

Pliska, who is on supervised county probation, did not disclose where he's moving to, but he’ll have to soon.

10News will continue to monitor Pliska's move and give an update when it's available.

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