10News reporter Michael Chen finds himself close to shootout scene

SAN DIEGO - Another perspective of Thursday's pursuit that ended with a shooting in Mount Hope comes from footage shot by 10News reporter Michael Chen, who saw that Saturn drive within feet of him moments before the chase came to an end.

The following is his account of Thursday's events:

In the news business, getting ahead of a chase on the ground is very tough, but a surprise move led the suspect into an area where I had just arrived.

My destination was 41st and Hilltop in central San Diego. Minutes before, the suspect had reportedly dropped off a woman there. As I got to the intersection, I hear police sirens nearby.

In some video shot at the scene, I can be seen trying to get my gear out as the Saturn makes a turn in my direction.

I shot video moments after scrambling to get out of the way, as the car drove within a few feet and then right past me.

I recorded a long line of police vehicles that followed the car down an alley.

At this point, I heard the sirens to my left. I turned around and started running in that direction.

Around the corner, I saw the car coming toward me and slowing down.

In scanner traffic from a police radio channel, a voice is heard saying, "They're going to try to break that window on the driver's side with a bean bag."

We're not sure if that bean bag was ever used, but four seconds after the car came to a stop, I was recording the scene as gunfire pummeled the car, piercing the windshield.

On the scanner, another voice said, "21 Sam, it's going to be shots fired, we have an OIS (officer-involved shooting) now."

Eventually, I took cover behind a vehicle.

After the loud chorus of bullets, a surreal scene, as a complete, almost eerie silence fell over the area and neighbors slowly came out of their homes.

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