10News Poll: San Diegans weigh in on minimum wage issue

SAN DIEGO - Residents of the city of San Diego weighed in on the minimum wage issue in a new 10News/U-T San Diego poll released Sunday.

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When asked if they supported or opposed raising the minimum wage from California's $9 an hour to $11.50 an hour, 51 percent said they support it, 46 percent said they opposed it and 4 percent were not sure.

The same number of opponents believe it would hurt the economy, while the same number who support it believe that it would help the economy.

San Diego City Council approved the ordinance Monday in a 6-3 vote, bypassing the original plan to put the issue before voters in November.

60 percent of respondents said they believe the council was wrong to make the decision without allowing city residents to vote, while 36 percent said the council was right and 4 percent were not sure.

Some business leaders may gather signatures for an election to overturn the increase. The poll found 49 percent think there should be an election, 44 percent think there should not be an election and 7 percent were not sure.

However, if an election was held today regarding the minimum wage, respondents were split on whether to increase it. 49 percent said they would vote to leave it at $9 an hour and 49 percent would vote to increase it to $11.50. 1 percent was not sure.

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