10News obtains surveillance video after man pushes ATM out of restaurant

Video clearly shows robber putting ATM into car

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - 10News obtained surveillance video after a man walked into a Mexican restaurant wearing a mask and pushed the ATM out of the restaurant.

Cotixan restaurant employee Rocio Rodriguez said at first she thought a customer had walked in at about 4:45 a.m. Friday.  But within seconds, she realized that was not the case. 

"I saw him with the mask, he came, he was starting to stare at me and he don't say nothing," Rodriguez told 10News.

High quality surveillance video showed the crook backing up his car, described as a maroon hatchback, up to the restaurant.  Then, he walks into the restaurant and right out to the patio where the ATM was kept. 

"He was here and he do like that (raising his hands), so I do the same, he wanted to watch my hands," Rodriguez said, showing how she

As Rodriguez watched in horror, the robber tipped the ATM over and then at first tried to push it out through the patio doors but that did not work.

The robber pushed the ATM back into the restaurant, right past Rodriguez and out the very same doors he first entered through. 

Back outside, the video shows the crook backing up his car up onto the sidewalk to get closer to the restaurant.  He pushed the ATM up to and into the trunk of his car. The robber sped off without even trying to close it. 

That's when Rodriguez called 911.

"When he was out, run away, I called the police and the police came," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said she had never seen anything like this before and she hopes she will never see anything like it again. 

"I was very scared.  This never happened to me before," she said.

San Diego police said one of their officers saw the robber driving away on Genessee but that officer was headed in the opposite direction and by the time he could turn around, he had lost the ATM thief.

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