10News Crew Finds Boy Wandering In Oak Park

Boy Found Along Bayview Heights Drive

A 10News crew returning from another story found a 1-year-old boy who was barefoot and in diapers standing in the middle of a busy street in Oak Park.

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10News reporter Jennifer Jensen and 10News photographer Mike Ineman discovered the toddler along Bayview Heights Drive at about 7:30 p.m.Tuesday. His parents were nowhere to be found.

The 10News crew called 911 and waited until a San Diego police officer arrived. They waited at least 20 minutes with no word and no sign of anyone searching for the boy. A neighbor told 10News she believed the boy lived in a nearby apartment complex.

When 10News arrived, a surprising discovery was made: four more young children were inside an apartment alone with no adult supervision. Minutes later, the mother came home.

When an officer asked her if the baby was hers, she initially responded, "No." Then, she became angry that 10News' camera was rolling.

Neighbors who helped 10News find the apartment were in disbelief.

"Fortunately, you guys found him because he could've got run over or somebody could have taken him away… or 20,000 things could have happened to him," said neighbor Arturo Ramos.

It is unclear if the mother will face charges.

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