10 most commonly misspelled words

SAN DIEGO - We've all witnessed it. The moment when you log onto Facebook and your top Newsfeed post has the word "alot" instead of "a lot." Or, maybe, your friend forgot the Golden Rule that there's an "I before E, except after C."

In honor of Spelling Bee season and with the hopes that this will help someone out there—we've compiled a list of 10 commonly misspelled words.

  1. A lot: Yes, it's considered two words and not the one-word "alot."
  2. Achieve: The Golden Rule is often forgotten and is spelled "acheive."
  3. Apparent: It isn't so apparent that the word ends with an "ent" instead of a "ant." The word is often spelled as "apparant."
  4. Calendar: Your calendar may be one of your most important daily tools but it's often spelled as "calender" instead of the correct way "calendar."
  5. Congratulate: The pronunciation of this word may confuse some but it's "con-grat-u-late" not "con-grad-u-late."
  6. Desperate: We were desperate to write this article because "desperate" is often written the incorrect way of "desparate."
  7. Harass: The word only has one "r" but it's often written as "harrass."
  8. Ignorance: Unfortunately, those who aren't familiar with this word often spell it the incorrect way of "ignorence."
  9. Judgment: We hate to be judgmental with this post but there's only one "e" in "judgment."
  10. Memento: When you reminisce using your memento, remember how the word is spelled. It isn't "momento" despite common misconception.
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