Tesco to pull out of United States, sell Fresh & Easy stores

17 Fresh & Easy stores in San Diego County

SAN DIEGO - The parent company of the Fresh & Easy grocery chain is selling all of its stores in the United States, the company announced Wednesday.

The stores' parent company, Tesco, which is based in Britain, opened 200 stores in California, Arizona and Nevada over the past five years.

The company said it plans to leave the United States and drop the stores after they failed to compete with other big grocers and lost nearly $2 billion.

In an email sent to customers, the company wrote, "We're pleased to confirm there are no plans to close any portion of Fresh & Easy. While we don't yet know who our new owner will ultimately be, Tesco announced it has already received interest from a number of parties including groups looking to purchase Fresh & Easy as an operating business."

There are 17 Fresh & Easy stores in San Diego County.

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