Men's Wearhouse blames women for sales slump

Don't Waste Your Money

If your business is struggling, a lot of companies blame changing customer tastes, increased competition, and all sorts of factors beyond their control. 

But you may have a hard time believing this. Men's Wearhouse -- a clothing store for men -- is now blaming superstitious women for its problems. 

The retailer has been struggling with poor sales, and earlier this year fired its founder, George Zimmer. 

But it's not blaming past or current management for its sales slide.

Women Hurting Sales? 

The new CEO says superstitious women are killing sales. 

The Wall Street Journal reports the company says many women are afraid to get married this year, because it is 2013, and they are afraid of the number 13. 

As a result, the company says sales and rentals of wedding tuxes are down sharply. It says it expects those numbers to improve next year, in 2014, once the "13" stigma is gone.

Weddings Down... Or Up?

Is this really true? We called the Hamilton County, Ohio, Courthouse, and spoke with their marriage license department. 

In the Cincinnati area, clerks told me, the number of marriage licenses is actually higher this year, due to the stronger economy, and more money available for more lavish weddings. 

So this is one that might have you saying "huh?"  Do you know anyone postponing weddings because of the year 2103? 

Wherever you decide to shop, don't waste your money. 


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