Did someone just run a background check on you?

Don't Waste Your Money

Is it true? Did someone really order a background check on you?

That's what an email you may receive claims.

The very official looking email says someone has run a background check on you. It typically says:

"We are sending you this notification right now to inform you that someone just ordered your backgound-scan info.  Please review the details of your background check below."

It asks you to click a link to learn more, and find out who is investigating you.  

It's tempting, as it is human nature to want to know who wants to know about you: Your bank?  The Police?  An old girlfriend or boyfriend?  

What Not to Do

But internet security experts, and the IT department of several major universities, says you should resist the urge to click on it.

It is likely that no one has run your background check. Had they done so, you would not be informed about it.

Rather, experts say this is the latest "phishing" scam to download malware into your computer, that appears likely to grab your address book and turn you into a spammer.

Simply delete it, the experts say, so you don't waste your money.


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