Upscale gym owner speaks out, shows Team 10 downtown gym

London said delay is not his fault

SAN DIEGO - The owner of an upscale gym that has yet to open -- which has angered customers -- told Team 10 he is the actual victim.

Michael London owns Purefitness Westgate, a five-level sports complex in downtown San Diego that's part of the Westgate Hotel.

"It's an absolute heartbreak. You spend three years of your life creating a dream that no one's ever done before," London told Team 10 Troubleshooter Cristin Severance.

London said his engineers designed a rooftop pool, something he said Westgate couldn't do for years. The plan was to allow members to work out on the roof or inside one of the other levels.

The main floor was supposed to be filled with machines and equipment by now, but instead, it's covered in boxes and equipment covered in plastic wrap.

"It feels awful, but I'm still energized to do whatever it takes to make this a reality," said London, a former San Diego Chargers player.

The gym was supposed to open two and a half years ago, but a contract dispute has stalled the project.

London said he's poured $9 million into the gym, and he blames the hotel's mismanagement of the project for the delay.

"They didn't follow their obligations under the contract and tried to push their obligations onto us. They got control of the project with the promise that they were going to open the club in early January and they didn't that. In our view, they redirected the entire project to open the amazing deck that we just saw that was my design. It took them six more months to open that up," said London.

London said to add insult to injury, people staying in the hotel can use the pool, lift weights outside and use the running track while his members can't.

"It's very frustrating and it's even more frustrating for our members," said London.

Team 10 has heard from members upset the gym still isn't up and running after signing up, thinking the gym would be open two years ago.

London said members who contact his other downtown location and fill out a cancelation form will get a refund. London gave free memberships to his other locations but is now charging to use those gyms. Members can contact the downtown location here:

"They should contact us. We've given thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars back. We hope they stay on and we have almost 1,000 people waiting patiently for over two years," said London.

London said if allowed by the courts, the place could be open in 60 days.

Westgate Hotel CEO Richard Cox told Team 10 over the phone that the Westgate management of the project began in October 2012 after loaning Purefitness several million dollar dollars to catch them up on delinquent payments to contractors.

Cox said in that agreement, the hotel agreed to finish the project as it was designed, but certain parts of the construction had no design plans.

Cox said in March 2013, the hotel offered to increase the loan so London could finish construction, but London refused.

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