Team 10, local business assists Escondido woman who was sold a car that doesn't work

Auto shop offers free services

ESCONDIDO, Calif. - An Escondido widow called Team 10 to say she was ripped off buying a car on Craigslist.

The victim told Team 10 Troubleshooter Cristin Severance the seller purposely sold her a car that didn't work.

Victoria Dieffenback thought a 2001 Ford Focus would be the perfect car to get to school, the doctor and therapist. She described the car, which she and her family found on Craigslist, as a 'lemon.'

The name on the car's title is Dominique Disano but Dieffenback said they dealt with her and her boyfriend, a man named Christian, who claimed he worked at Camp Pendleton.

 Dieffanback said that was a big reason she trusted him.

 Plus, Dieffanback said they told her that car just passed an "11-point" inspection from Rancho Ford.

"I thought these were honest people and we could rely on them," said Dieffanback.

 Two days after paying $2600 for the car, she said it started making a horrible noise.

"My mechanic said my engine is blown. There is nothing I can do for you Victoria," she said.

The Escondido woman said the seller's won't return their calls and they didn't return Team 10's calls either.

Dieffenback who is bi-polar and has a learning disability said she has no more money.

But an Escondido business is determined that this story has a happy ending.

After hearing what happened "Best Way Engine" in Escondido volunteered to repair the car for free.

When Team 10 broke the news to Dieffenback she was brought to tears.

"There really is a Christmas after all. I'm just so thankful," she said.

Team 10 checked with Rancho Ford and the dealership said  they did not do a multi-point safety inspection on the car because the people who brought in the vehicle refused all work.

Rancho Ford said they had nothing to do with the private seller's claims.

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