San Diego Red Cross CEO camps out for 'Shelter of Hope' campaign

Team 10 helps raise donations for local effort

SAN DIEGO - Tony Young, CEO of the American Red Cross of San Diego and Imperial Counties, is living in tent until Sunday to raise awareness and money through the "Shelter of Hope" campaign.

According to the Red Cross, the effort is being launched to raise funds during the holiday giving season, while also bringing awareness to the vital services the Red Cross provides in the community with the help of compassionate volunteers and generous supporters.

Young said many people only think of the Red Cross helping out during national disasters, but they do so much here a home.

Amy Hegy is a Red Cross volunteer who knows what the organization can do firsthand.

The 2003 wildfires landed Hegy in the hospital where she was put on a breathing machine from smoke inhalation.

"I was laying in my bed, tubes up my nose, depressed and scared," said Hegy.

Hegy said Red Cross volunteers were there to calm her fears and answer her questions.

"They helped to move me from complete and utter desperation to huh there is a little bit of hope here," said Hegy.

Hegy had to give others the hope she felt that day so she became a Red Cross volunteer in 2005.

She's traveled everywhere and assisted victims of Hurricane Katrina, the tornado in Joplin and Super Storm Sandy, but helping here at home is why she donates countless hours of her time.

She was there after a house fire in 2008 where three children died after they couldn't escape because of bars over the windows.

"To be able to go and help them not only that night but even as far as the funeral, you can't be more honored than that," said Hegy.

Hegy was there after a military jet crashed in a San Diego neighborhood and killed a family.

"I was able to be there and support the father who was left behind without his wife and child. You can't find anything that's more important than that," said Hegy with tears in her eyes.

She was also there for the mother of Chelsea King who was attacked and killed by a sex offender

"To support her mother and to be able to be there that night support those first responders in such a horrendous task, I mean that's what those dollars do. Those are the kinds of things when people give their money it allows people like me to go out and do," said Hegy.

If you want to donate to the Red Cross Shelter of Hope campaign click here.

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