Mira Mesa McDonald's customer says she was sold a raw chicken sandwich

Restaurant's manager: New employee made a mistake

SAN DIEGO - A McDonald's customer in Mira Mesa says her local restaurant sold her a raw chicken sandwich.

Jenna Lane told 10News that she bought the spicy chicken value meal sandwich in the drive-through at the McDonald's restaurant on Mira Mesa Boulevard.

"I bit down on the sandwich and all I could taste was slime," Lane said.

According to Lane, the inside of the chicken was completely raw, pink and cold.

"I swallowed some of it. It was really disgusting," she said.

10News called the restaurant's manager and found out Lane wasn't the only customer who got a raw deal.

The manager said the restaurant had a brand new hire working the fryers and that three people complained the same night. She confirmed that the new employee was serving the chicken for the first time on his own.

According to the manager, the chicken sandwiches are supposed to be cooked in the fryers for 4 minutes -- but the new guy was taking them out early.

Lane said the restaurant's mistake made her sick, and she's holding on to the evidence.

"I don't think I'll eat anything chicken for a while," she said. "I'm not 'Lovin' It' and I don't think I'll ever go back. I'm so traumatized and scared to go back to fast food places now -- because I don't feel safe."

The restaurant manager told 10News that they have reprimanded the new employee and taught him how to properly use the fryers.

10News also contacted McDonald's corporate offices and officials there said they didn't know about the incident, but that they will look into it. 

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