Largest infomercial expo comes to San Diego: Response Expo in town for the next 3 days

SAN DIEGO - The Snuggie had to get its start somewhere. Response Expo, the largest infomercial expo in the country, is in San Diego for the next three days.

The 3,000 people in the infomercial industry meet at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel to network and pitch different products.

One section of the event is the New Product Pavilion. The area features the brand new products that consumers can buy right now.

The Perfect Pancake Pan, Forever Comfortable, The Bright Light Pillow, Make-a-Ball and Squeezie Freezie were all on display.

"One in every 20 products that hits TV is a success, so the fact that we have 30 products here means that there are 1470 other products that didn't make failed," said Thomas Haire, who is with Response Expo.

Many products already for sale are featured at the expo.

There is also an area for inventors to pitch their ideas and try to become the next big thing.

Some of the products being pitched include the Slingbacker, which are elastic ties that stop your pants or dress from going under your heel when women wear sling back shoes. The Kool Spoon was also featured. The spoon has a gel insert that cools down hot foods. The Furizzy is a pet grooming tool. Fix N' Zip is a product to fix zippers. The Toppy Toddler is a bib and placemat combination.

San Diego native David Wagner was at the expo pitching a board game geared for college students called Drink-A-Palooza.

For more information on the Response Expo 2013, click here.

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