Digital experts: Watch out for fake emails, websites related to Boston Marathon tragedy

SAN DIEGO - Digital experts say fake websites and social media accounts are trying to prey on your emotions and make money off the tragedy in Boston.

"It's conman 101," said San Diego forensic investigator Daniel Libby. "They are going to play on an emotion in order to make you take an act in furtherance of their goals."

Libby said there are three groups of con artists that try to make money off of a tragedy.

He said the first group is based overseas and will use a tragedy to steal your identity. 

"They'll drive you to a website via a tiny URL so you don't know where you are going," Libby said. "It's to garner your personally identifiable information or your personal so they can then take that, package it and sell it on the black market."

Libby said beware of an email promising to show YouTube video of the bombings in Boston. If you click on it, another link is activated 60 seconds later that can steal your information.

Libby said watch for fake charities trying to get you to donate to help the victims of Boston.

"They take the more information they get," he said. "They make these fake foundations and put them out on Facebook with a link where you can contribute online."

One bogus twitter account, @_BostonMarathon, was suspended after promising $1 to the Boston Marathon for every retweet. 

Libby said the third group is not out to spread bad links but bad information.

A photo of an 8-year-old girl supposedly running the marathon turned out to be a fake.

"They just make up stories if you will and re-victimize the victims over and over again, just for no purpose whatsoever," said Libby.

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