Death prompts Apple iPhone, iPad 3rd party charger warning

If you have a charger for an iPhone or iPad that's not made by Apple, the company wants you to trade it in, as soon as possible. 

Apple is offering chargers at half price to anyone who turns in a third party charger. 

This comes after a flight attendant in China was electrocuted, according to Chinese news reports, while picking up an iPhone that was plugged into the wall, charging. 

Apple believes her death is the result of a faulty third party (non-Apple) charger.  It is also investigating whether it may have been a counterfeit Apple charger, as counterfeits are widespread in China.

Apple wants non-Apple chargers

So the company is offering brand new Apple chargers for $10, half the normal price, to anyone who turns in a third party charger during a 2-month period. 

There is no "recall," as Apple cannot recall other brand chargers, and does not want to accuse legitimate 3rd party companies of making faulty devices. 

The program starts August 16 at all Apple stores and authorized iPhone retailers, such as AT&T and Verizon company stores.  This program may not be offered at phone kiosks. 

The $10 charger offer is valid August 16 - October 18, 2013. 

Apple points out that there are no reports of any third party chargers sold in the US causing a fire or shock. 

And despite alarmist web postings to the contrary, no one has ever been electrocuted in the US while picking up a cell phone that was on a charger.

A Hong Kong apartment was destroyed earlier this summer when a Samsung Galaxy S4 reportedly exploded, though some reports say that phone or charger may have been counterfeit. 

But the company is taking no chances, so it might be a good idea to turn in your 3rd party charger so you stay safe and don't waste your money. 
As always, don't waste your money. 


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