CVS looks to trim length of its coupon-laden receipts due to social media frenzy

You may have to stop making jokes about CVS, the country's largest pharmacy chain, and its incredibly long receipts. 

According to the Huffington Post, the company plans to shorten the ExtraCare portion of its receipts by roughly 25 percent following a social media frenzy this month that poked fun at the company, WPTV reported.

Last week the company tweeted: 'Our receipts are a bit long – guess our love of savings got in the way! We’re working on it – thanks for the fun feedback,' @CVS_Extra tweeted.

Some coupon-laden receipts were as tall as the customer.

For the coupon fans among you, don't worry the receipts will continue to have just as many coupons and rewards, the company said.

And apparently not all customers are turned off by the receipts. The company told last week that ExtraCare rewards are being redeemed at record levels.

Here are some videos posted by CVS customers reacting to the length of the receipts.

1 Item receipt (mobile users:

Two item receipt (mobile users:

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