Customers still waiting for upscale gym to open, must pay for temporary gym

Gym owner gave free memberships for two years

SAN DIEGO - Customers are still waiting for a multi-million dollar gym to open in downtown San Diego and must now to pay to use the temporary gym.

Paul Owen said he decided to join Purefitness Westgate after the location on Broadway closed.
He saw plans for a rooftop pool, new equipment and classes inside the gym at the upscale Westgate hotel.
"We were really excited for it and it's been a big disappointment," said Owen.
Owen said he was told the gym was supposed to open in four months and that customers could use a temporary facility on B street in the meantime for free.
"They weren't charging us, which was kind of the only reason to go there," said Owen.
He said four months turned into more than two years waiting for the new gym to open. Friday, customers received a letter saying the gym would start charging a fee of $39 per month until the new gym opens..
"But considering people didn't want to go to that place for free and now we are paying double the price of some places, it's a little hard to swallow," said Owen.
The letter states in part, 'We have invested over $9 million to get our new club at Westgate up and running but our partners at Westgate are now reneging on our agreement.'
Team 10 broke the story in July about the delay and upset customers.
The owner is Michael London--a former San Diego Chargers player turned attorney and businessman.
The Westgate hotel filed a lawsuit against London and Purefitness saying he was more than $500,000 dollars behind in rent and London filed a suit against Westgate over contractual issues.
London told Team 10 Westgate is to blame for the delays and the company is trying to take $9 million dollars and kick Purefitness out of the project.
"I designed it, I paid for it and our members should be using it," said London by phone Wednesday.
Westgate's general manager told Team 10 they had no comment.
London also said he's given hundreds of people, including hundreds of lawyers, free memberships for two years and most people don't have a problem paying a "reasonable fee" for the use of the club. 
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