Angie's List: DIY tips

  1. How to avoid a DIY disaster: Are you planning a home improvement project this year? If so, you're not alone. The remodeling industry has shown solid growth for the past two years and there's no sign it's letting up. Experts say some 43 million homeowners a year attempt a do-it-yourself project, and it's estimated one if five suffer an injury. Hear from two homeowners who had a D-I-Y project go B-A-D.
  2. How to save money renting a car: Many families are dreaming of spring break getaways. You've spent  lot of time planning your perfect vacation - from booking the hotel to researching restaurants. But there's one thing you may have overlooked. We guide you on how to save money on your car rental.
  3. The value of a home inspection & final walk-through: Most folks know when you're buying a home it's a good idea to get a home inspection. But were you also aware of the important of taking a final walk-through before closing? How both can benefit you, the buyer.
  4. Music and dance lessons for all ages: Whether you've always wanted to learn to tickle the ivories or dance the tango - mastering a new skill can benefit the mind, body and soul. Hear from a parent whose son is taking piano lessons.
  5. Unsexy home improvements you shouldn’t avoid: When we think about home improvement, we’d all like to spend our money on those “sexy” projects - transforming the master bath into one that belongs in a hotel suite or turning the backyard into an outdoor oasis. But then reality sets in, and you likely have to spend the big bucks on unglamorous maintenance projects. Hear from a homeowner who had a project she didn’t show off to the neighbors, but it helps keep her home healthy.
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