7 things you should not go cheap on

Don't Waste Your Money

Many of try to save a dime whenever we can. But it turns out there are some times when you should pay a little more for a better quality product. 

When it pays to pay more 

Buying plastic bags or frozen veggies? Sure, going for the cheaper grocery store brand saves money and is often worth it. 
But AOL Daily Finance says there are some times its worth it to pay more for a more expensive item. 

Among them:  

    -Shoes.  Cheap shoes often hurt your feet. 

    -Mattress and box spring:  That $200 discount bed could leave you with a back ache. 

    -Tools:  Cheap, no name tools break easily. 

    -Bed sheets:  Cheap bed sheets often feel like burlap sacks. 

    -School backpacks: Your child's back is at risk: Daily finance says don't buy the cheapest backpack you find. 

Doesn't that Stink? 

And from the "doesn't that stink" file, saving money on food and drink only to regret it. 

Daily Finance says cheap liquor tastes like cheap liquor, and a few swigs may leave you saying doesn't that stink? 

Also, it suggests avoiding discount sushi where you are not sure what's inside. 

No matter how cheap it is, do you really want sushi from a gas station? 

Sure, a discount on a great product is great. But a cheap imitation of that great product is no deal at all, no matter how cheap it is. 

Good to remember, so you don't waste your money. 


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