Live Well San Diego

Early Childhood and Prenatal Health – HEALTHY BABIES

Babies don’t come with instruction manuals. Preparing for a healthy baby starts even before you're pregnant.

  • Nearly 500,000 babies are born prematurely in the United States each year. Last year in San Diego, 46,000 babies were born, more than 3,800 of those babies were born prematurely and 209 of them never made it to their 1st birthday.
  • Premature birth is the leading cause of newborn death.

Eat right and get fit for a healthy pregnancy.   Plan ahead; start making choices that include a healthy weight, and taking folic acid to prevent birth defects along with emotional and financial planning.

For more information on Early Childhood and Prenatal Health, please visit the following organizations:

March of Dimes is the leading non-profit organization for pregnancy and baby health. 

March of Dimes 2015 March for Babies will be held on April 11 in Oceanside and April 25 in Balboa Park. Go to to register or to find an event near you.

Money raised through March for Babies supports programs and research to help moms have healthy, full-term pregnancies and prevent birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.

March of Dimes offers comprehensive information on pregnancy and newborn topics, such as, complications, caring for your baby, birth defects, folic acid, etc.  Through you can search various pregnancy related topics and access medical references, publications, and reports.

Black Infant Health (BIH) – San Diego

The Black Infant Health Program is to reduce the infant mortality rates of African American Infants in San Diego County through community leadership, innovative public health and early consistent prenatal care. Visit  for a list of locations that offer BIH programs.

First 5 San Diego
First 5 San Diego is part of a comprehensive integrated system that promotes early childhood development from the prenatal period to age five. At  you can find program information about proactive leadership that aims to ensure that every child in San Diego will enter school physically, mentally, socially, and developmentally ready to learn.

Women Infants & Children (WIC) Supplemental Nutrition Program
The WIC site   contains easy to understand information about breastfeeding resources; WIC authorized foods, with news and updates. Cooking information, including child friendly recipes are also available on this site.

San Diego Breastfeeding Coalition

The San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition is a non-profit association whose mission is to promote and support breastfeeding through education and outreach in our community. Click here to find out more:


ABC10, and sister station Azteca San Diego 15, are proud to partner with the County of San Diego on the Live Well San Diego initiative.

Live Well San Diego is an initiative of the County of San Diego to improve health and wellness for all residents. It represents a shared vision that can only be accomplished through collaboration across partners from every sector. This vision calls on every resident to take action to improve their own health, safety and well-being, as well as that of their families and neighbors.

There are three parts to Living Well:

  1. Building Better Health calls for improving the health of all residents and supporting healthy choices
  2. Living Safely calls for ensuring residents are protected from crime and abuse, neighborhoods are safe and communities are resilient to disasters and emergencies
  3. Thriving, currently under development, calls for promoting a region in which residents can enjoy the highest quality of life

Live Well San Diego involves everyone. Only through a collective effort—in which all of us work together toward a shared purpose—can meaningful change be achieved in a region as large and diverse as San Diego County.

Recognized Live Well Partners include health care providers, community and faith-based organizations, businesses, school districts and other jurisdictions, including cities, tribal governments and military or veterans organizations.

Local Action, County-Wide Impact.

Live Well San Diego needs leadership from residents to identify priority needs and make long term change.  Organizational leaders and community members gather in the County's regions to plan community improvements and address health and safety needs.  These teams serve as a central point for action at the local level.

For more information regarding Live Well San Diego, visit: