Would you hire a proposal planner?

Woman offers advice to help guys pop the question

Thanks to YouTube, some of the harshest proposal rejections on the planet are just a click away.  Many of them are tough to watch and even tougher to handle--if they're happening to you.  
Sam Sheppard can relate.  Her boyfriend failed miserably when he asked for her hand in marriage.
"We were having an argument and half way through the argument, he says I think we should get married," she said.
So she launched a website called the Proposal Expert, figuring a lot of other guys could use some help popping the question. For about $150, Sheppard will put together two unique proposal ideas--based on your relationship, budget, and individual personalities.
But she offered us a list of tips for free.
1) First, personalize your proposal: "Think about where you first met, where you had your first kiss, where you said I love you," she said. 
2) Next, surprise your girlfriend, but avoid shocking her--like one guy who threw himself off a building to get his girl's attention.
3) Third, avoid cliches.  Pick a day that isn't her birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, or any other holiday. "Just go for an ordinary day, like an ordinary weekend, so they won't be expecting that to happen," Sheppard said.
4) Finally, have a backup plan, in case of delays. "What happens if your partner's held up in traffic or they agree to go meet a girlfriend for lunch?" 
Sheppard says most guys mistakenly assume girls want a public proposal.
"The most special and intimate proposals tend to actually be very low key and tend to take place at home," she said.
In fact, the worst proposal she's ever seen came from Russia.  A man hired a stunt crew and makeup artist to help him fake his own death. 
"He did it to make her realize what life would be like without him.  Personally, I'd have walked away from that one," Sheppard said.
Believe it or not, the girl said yes.  A perfect answer in any language.
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