Why we don't read books on our tablets

Don't Waste Your Money

Something unexpected has happened with sales of e-books in the past year: they have plateaued, according to a new report in Slate magazine. 

That has surprised a lot of people who thought by now everyone would be reading books on their iPad, iPad Mini, or Android tablet. 

But Slate says only a few people are reading books on tablets, unless it they own a specific e-reader, like the black and white Kindle or Nook. 

The Reasons 

Why won't we read on tablets? 

Slate says tablets are designed for browsing, not in depth reading. 

It says tablets have too many distractions like email, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. They often "ching" you every few minutes. 

Slate says its almost impossible to stay focused on one thing on a tablet for more than 5 minutes. 

What about the Weight? 

Slate says it has nothing to do with the heavier weight of an iPad or other tablet.  Many hardback books weigh more. 

And it suggests this may be why so many people on airplanes and buses continue to read printed books....even in 2013. 

As always, don't waste your money. 

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