Top resolutions in U.S. include weight loss, organization, saving money

Less than 8 percent will stick to their new goals

Less than half of Americans typically make New Year’s resolutions, and about 8 percent are successful in keeping them.

According to research and rankings provider Statistic Brain, the No. 1 resolution made is to lose weight. Those that follow, in order, are getting organized, spending less money (and saving more), enjoying life to the fullest and staying fit and healthy.

Americans also resolve to learn something exciting, quit smoking, help others with their dreams, fall in love and spend more time with family, according to the statistics.

The numbers also show more people in their 20s will achieve resolutions than those older than 50. There’s a pretty good chance of maintaining resolutions through the first week, and even through the first month — but that percentage drops to less than 50 percent after six months.

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