Top 9 tips to keep your pet Halloween-safe

Halloween is a holiday full of fun and festivities and while parents are often given endless safety precautions regarding their little trick-or-treaters, what about tips to keep beloved pets out of danger?

“It can really be stressful for pets. So many unusual sights, sounds, voices, kids running around and doorbells continually ringing,” says dog trainer Lisa Desatnik, of So Much PETential . “It can just be a very stressful holiday for pets and I want it to be fun for everybody.”

Spooky San Diego Halloween Guide:

Desatnik says there are a few basic rules to follow to keep animal friends safe on Halloween night:

  • -Keep jack-o-lanterns away from pets
  • -Keep plastic wrap, chocolate and other candies out of reach
  • -Do not use fake spider webs (and all Halloween decorations) anywhere pets can reach them
  • -Only use safe and comfortable costumes for your pet
  • -Exercise dogs before trick-or-treaters arrive
  • -Do not leave your dog or cat outside
  • -Consider sitting outside with your candy instead of having trick-or-treaters come to your door
  • -Do not take your pet trick-or-treating if they aren't used to big groups of people and all the excitement that comes with Halloween
  • -Make sure your pet has proper identification

“If [Halloween] is too much for your pets, the best thing to do is have them safe inside where they don’t have to see sight and sounds so there is less chance of your dog becoming reactive,” Desatnik says.

What tips do you have to keep your pet safe on Halloween? Tell us in the comment box below.

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