High-tech vault for San Diegans

Mission Valley location to be first of 200

SAN DIEGO - San Diego is home to the first privately owned, high-end bank vault storage in the United States. BlueVault opened late last year and will be the first of 200 such vaults across the country.

BlueVault could be the safest safety deposit box vault in the world.

"This is a class one burglary vault," said BlueVault Security Manager David Johnson. "That means it exceeds the Department of Defense [standards]."

Located in an unassuming Mission Valley strip mall next door to a Jamba Juice store, BlueVault is actually a 90-ton security vault. It's surrounded by 61 panels of highly compressed concrete, and each panel weighs two tons.

The only way in is through a 4,500-pound stainless steel door. Johnson jokingly said only an asteroid could get through. He also told 10News the vault can withstand explosive and earthquakes.

"So if the entire building comes down around the vault, the vault's going to be fine. You're going to dig it out of the rubble," he told 10News.

Just getting into BlueVault's lobby requires passing through four levels of security, including a palm scanner.

Johnson said their Fujitsu palm scanner, designed by Israelis, "reads the blood vessels inside your hand."

However, the high-end security is not reserved for high-end clients. Safety deposit boxes begin at only $15 a month.

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