Facebook settlement detailed in email to some users is not a hoax

Settlement over names, photos used by site

An email many Facebook users received in their in-boxes over the weekend likely headed right to the trash.  But the message, which detailed a class action lawsuit related to the social media giant, is actually legitimate.

The message, which featured the subject "Legal Notice of Settlement of Class Action", was likely dismissed by some who believed it was a scam.  But a settlement page featuring federal court documents indicates the settlement is for real, according to WMAR-TV's Joce Sterman.

The settlement stems from the case of Angel Fraley versus Facebook and was filed by a set of users who were angry their names and photos were used in "Sponsored Stories" on the social media site.  Users who were sent the settlement notice are told, "You are receiving this email because you may have been featured in a Sponsored Story on Facebook prior to December 3, 2012".

But don't get excited about a big payout from the settlement. You won't be getting a Mark Zuckerberg-sized check.  The case website indicates that although Facebook is putting $20 million into a fund for the settlement, impacted users who file a claim are only eligible to receive up to $10.

For more information on the class action settlement, you can go to the page set up by the law firm who handled the case.  You'll find it at www.fraleyfacebooksettlement.com

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