Summer camps you've never seen before

California company offers adventure camps for kids

PHOENIX - Summer camp is a right of passage for millions of American kids each year. Campfires, mosquito bites and newfound friends make up some of the most memorable moments of childhood.

We found a camp that offers more than campfire songs and canoe rides.

Perched among the pines in California's San Bernardino Mountains, the staff at Pali Adventures are gearing up for another crazy summer season.

Thousands of kids from 35 states and more than 30 countries will get to experience off road adventures, high-flying stunts and the finer points of being a secret agent.

"We have fashion design, movie makeup, film institute and a broadcasting academy," said Camp Director Ian Brassett. 

Located near Lake Arrowhead, the camp is a five hour drive from the Phoenix area and offers sanctuary from the Valley's scorching heat. The average high temperature in July is only 90 degrees. The average low is 56.8 degrees.

Campers sleep in dorm-like cabins that are cleaned daily by a housekeeping staff.

According to the company, children are supervised around the clock with a staff to camper ratio of 1:3. Certified nurse practitioners are also on staff to administer treatment when needed.

The cost for a week of camp is $1,775. The cost of a four-week session is $6,595.

Here's the list of the camps that are offered broken down by category.

Action camps

  • Extreme Action Camp
  • Flying Trapeze Camp
  • Girl Power Camp
  • Hollywood Stunt Camp
  • Motorsports Camp
  • Secret Agent Camp
  • Water Sports Camp

Creative camps

  • Culinary camp
  • Fashion camp
  • Film camp
  • Movie makeup camp

Leadership camps

  • CIT & Leadership Camp

Performance camps

  • Acting Camp
  • Broadcast Camp
  • Dance Camp
  • Rockstar Camp
  • -DJ Camp

There are nine sessions beginning on June 16, with the final sessions ending on August 17. Slots are open but they fill up fast. The camp’s website has extensive information with videos and photos.

Suppose your child heads to film camp. They could one day end up at the Phoenix Film Festival! In fact, we met Zak Forsman, a filmmaker from Los Angeles who is showcasing his film Down and Dangerous at this weekend's celebration of independent movies.

His movie premiers tonight and is a story loosely based on his father who smuggled drugs.

"A lot of people including my mother, were concerned about how to make a smuggler into a hero and the short answer is you just surround them with people who are ten times worse," said Forsman.

The movie is action packed with quick edits and fast pacing. 

You can learn more about it, and about the Phoenix Film Festival here.

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