San Diego Couple Travels World In VW Bus

Ligatos Visit Central, South America, Africa

It took more than 80 days, but a San Diego couple just completed a trip around the world. Even more noteworthy, they did it behind the wheel of an old Volkswagen bus, 10News reported.

Rich and Amanda Ligato, (pictured), left San Diego in September 2000. Their trip started in Tijuana, Mexico, then into Central America and South America.

Africa was their next stop where they had their VW bus shipped over.

After a year in Africa, the Ligatos headed back to the U.S. where they toured the four corners of North America.

They said that they lived on $46 a day -- which including food, gas, and the cost of shipping their van.

The Ligato's 59,740-mile journey was no lark. They said that they planned and saved their pennies for six years.

During the trip, the Ligato's shared their experiences on a Web site, called

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