San Diego startup wants your dog to eat crickets

EntoBento counters recalls with new dog treats

The FDA recalls dozens of dog treats every year, but a San Diego-based company has created a new product that could keep your pets safe.

EntoBento officials say pet owners can their pets safe from harmful ingredients by feeding them treats made from cricket protein and five other natural ingredients.

Darlene Pena wants to try them for her dog Peaches after the Chihuahua nearly died from treats made in China.

"Every day I came home from work or came downstairs I thought, 'I'm going to have a dead dog,'" she said.

Now, Pena is battling cancer and can't imagine battling the illness without her pup.

"I mean, I can be sitting there and I can feel so awful and so bad after going through chemo but it helps me to get my mind off feeling bad and feeling so sick," Pena explained.

EntoBento is $2,500 away from meeting their goal on Kickstarter. To learn more about the company's product and how you can support them visit:

You can check out the list of recalled pet food products here:

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