Twinkie's adoption story

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ESCONDIDO, Calif. - My husband and two children (ages 12 & 13) and I came to the shelter two days after Thanksgiving 2011 just to look around  and we found Twinkie, a two year old pit mix, who at the time was a resident of almost one year in the shelter. 

When we visited with Twinkie in the yard, she was very energetic but also very friendly with all of us. 

We decided to adopt her and took her home. 

We did not change her name since she seemed to respond to it well but she now has many nicknames such as Twink, Twinkie Doodle, & Dobby (after the character in Harry Potter -  she has Dobby ears.)

Twinkie fits right in with the family!  She took to her bed right away and to all of us. 

We were taken back how she trusted us so quickly. 

She warmed up to the rules (with positive training/reinforcement), such as laying on her bed while we eat and knows many commands such as sit, leave it, quiet, down, off and come. 

She loves her morning walks, ball fetching, raw hide bones and her visits to the dog park where she enjoys running around with other dogs. 

She’s even adjusted to visiting the vet & taking baths. 

Twinkie is great with kids, loves to cuddle and absolutely loves belly rubs! 

We say all the time how we got the best dog ever! 

We look forward to many happy years with Twinkie as part of our family. 

I only wish we could rescue all of the animals in your shelter. 

Thank you for our Twinkie and all you do.


Kristin, Jason, Tyler and Hailey

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