New York to Los Angeles in 45 minutes? 3 ways you'll travel by land, sea, air in the future

Ever wonder about travel in the future?  

By land, sea, or air, your future self will get there in style – and here are three ways it could happen, all in under an hour.

LAND: Let's get started on land, where you'll move from New York to LA in a blistering 45 minutes.

How? Evacuated Tube Transport. These are six-passenger capsules moving through airless, frictionless, vacuum tubes.  

They look expensive, but apparently they are one tenth the cost of a high speed rail system and a quarter the cost of a freeway, according to the designers.

Passengers will travel at a blazing 4,000 MPH and only experience one G of force -- the same way it feels when you drive your car.  

SEA: Future boat designs look pretty luxurious and sleek, like the 90 meter super-yacht by Avadesign.

It features a transparent LCD hatch and a hybrid propulsion system combining the best from the worlds of art and science.

AIR: The Airbus Corporation has revealed their design for 2050. 

It has glass panels, pop-up displays, a transparent cabin, and seats that mold to your body shape with legroom to spare! 

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