New Paya website, app helps you get paid for your vacation pictures

Chances are you’ve got a hard drive full of great photos and video you took on vacation or interesting sites you’ve seen on the road. You may consider yourself to be an amateur, but there are companies trying to turn you into a professional. That stash of content is worth something.

Paya is a new site that bills itself as the world’s index of licensable content.  If you’ve got content you might want to sell, you can upload it to Paya.  If someone wants to license your footage, you’ll get a cut of the selling price. 

That 80 percent cut is a lot higher than other popular stock footage sites. 

You can upload your content to Paya, or you can tag your content on other sites with links back to how interested parties can pay you via Paya. 

Foap, a Swedish company, encourages you to use your iPhone to snap a photo with their app and upload it to the Foap market .  All photos in the market are $10. You keep 50 percent of that as the photographer.  You can take general stock photos you think might sell well, or you can participate in a Foap mission; companies will make a request for photos they’re looking for, with specific prizes for user generated content they use.

Obviously, prospective buyers are interested in clear, high quality photos and videos. With these types of sites, it’s important you have the permission of your subjects before you sell the photo or video for commercial use. Be sure to read the terms of service.

Professional photographers may be better off selling their awesome content directly to brands or publishers, but for the army of amateurs who carry high quality devices in their pocket, expect to see a lot more companies with offers to compensate you for some of that content.

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