It's time for clocks to 'Fall back'; Daylight Saving Time 2013 ends early Sunday morning

It's that time of year again -- when we gain an extra hour! 

Daylight Saving Time is quickly coming to an end for 2013.

Since 2007, Daylight Saving Time, or DST for short, begins on the second Sunday in March and ends on the first Sunday in November.

For 2013, that means it is time to 'fall back' this weekend.

Nov. 3 is the first Sunday in November this year, so at 2 a.m. you will turn your clocks back one hour, marking the return to Pacific Standard Time.

As the old expression goes, "spring ahead, fall back," meaning before bed on Saturday night, set your clock BACK one hour.  You'll also be 'gaining' one hour of time (the same hour you 'lost' last Spring).

Fire officials are urging people to use the semi-annual clock changing exercise to also replace batteries for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as emergency flashlights. The battery-changing ritual should include checking that the device has not passed an expiration date, and clearing dust from slots or sensors.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 3,000 people die in U.S. home fires each year and smoke alarms cut the risk of fatality in a home fire by one-half.

You will 'spring ahead,' or turn your clocks forward one hour next year on March 9, 2014.

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