How to stop telemarketers who are still calling

The Do Not Call list was created 10 years ago, but some consumers still complain that they're getting calls from telemarketers. However, most people don't realize there are exemptions for certain kinds of telemarketers:

• Charities seeking donations;

• Politicians seeking your vote;

• Companies with which you have an existing business relationship;

• Survey companies doing opinion polls.

In addition to the National Do Not Call Registry, telemarketers must maintain an internal "do not call" list.

You should always say "please put me on your internal do not call list" when you don't want to hear from a company again. Fail to do so, and some other telemarketer from there will be bugging you in the future, ABC News reported. 

Many people instead blurt "take me off your list!" Reputable companies should recognize that as a request to be put on the internal "do not call" list, but slimy ones will use this imprecise wording against you and ignore your request.

"Please put me on your internal do not call list," should help screen out the exempted telemarketers who are still calling you and give you even more peace at suppertime.

If you like giving your opinion to pollsters, or being reminded to give to charities or vote for politicians, great. If not, use the line.

Even if you have a business relationship with a company, you can use the line. Yes, you are a customer, but that doesn't mean you want them to call and try to sell you other services.

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