University of Kansas Hospital uses new procedure for breast reconstruction

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Doctors are making tremendous strides in helping breast cancer patients recover from mastectomies.

You've likely seen the older style of implants.  They’re clear, smooth and often filled with saline or salt water, KSHB reported. 

The FDA recently approved two new versions that are filled with gel. That material helps them hold their shape to look more natural.

But there's a new procedure going on here locally that involves taking tissue from a patient's inner thigh or stomach to rebuild her breast.

“What we've been able to offer women at the University of Kansas Hospital is the ability to do that procedure with very minimal injury to the stomach muscles. So that even in a young woman, once they've recovered they're going to be able to do all their normal activities and they're not going to have a significant abdominal wall weakness,” said Dr. Richard Korentager, University of Kansas Hospital plastic surgeon.

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