Study: Meal Replacement Diet Keeps Weight Off

Diet Helps Control Portion Size

Donavan Dunnion is like millions of Americans who want to lose weight. He's motivated, but wants a diet that will work long term. And he's found it, according to 10News.

"It looks kind of bad, but when you're hungry, it's pretty good," Dunnion said.

Dunnion drinks a meal replacement shake three times a day and eats one low carbohydrate meal a day.

"It's extremely restaurant friendly. I can go into any restaurant in town and eat meat and vegetables," Dunnion said.

In eight months Dunnion lost more than 50 pounds.

The key to his weight loss plan is using meal replacements. They are products like liquid shakes, bars and frozen entrees, 10New reported.

"This is a great way of controlling portion size," diet expert Dr. Ken Fujioka said.

Fujioka said that people can achieve long-term weight control with meal replacements.

According to Fujioka, a new study shows people who were on a conventional 1,500 calorie diet can lose weight, but they can lose considerably more when they use meal replacements for two of their meals.

"One group lost about 10 pounds and the other group lost about 2 or 3 pounds. The group that lost more used meal replacements," Fujioka said.

But can something like a protein shake keep you satisfied?

"I feel quite satisfied. I haven't eaten since lunch yesterday and I feel quite good," Dunnion said.

Dunnion's strawberry shakes keep him from over-indulging.

"It keeps you from getting extremely hungry and if you want to lose weight you have to get into the serious business of staying hungry. It's as simple as that," Dunnion said.

Fujioka said meal replacements are an easy, controlled way to lose weight, but beware of the products you select.

"Check to see if it has an adequate amount of protein. That is key. Plus, check the overall calories," Fujioka said.

Dunnion plans to stick with his meal replacement diet.

"The results I've seen have been so good that I am happy to stay with this for a couple of years if need be," Dunnion said.

Snacks of fruits and vegetables are allowed with meal replacements. Fujioka said to reduce meal replacements to once a day once you have achieved desired weight loss.

Fujioka also said meal replacements are a safe and effective stragedy for obese patients.

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