Influenza season hits severe spike early nationwide, doctors say

Local health officials say increase is normal

Some of the nation's top doctors are sounding the alarm about the season's flu virus.

There has been a dramatic increase in cases on influenza in states across the country compared to last year, with widespread flue reported in 41 states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

One strain of the flu is primarily hitting western states, while the rest of the nation is seeing the primary strain. 

10News called the the San Diego County Health Department and officials there said local flu numbers are up, but nothing out of the ordinary -- just your basic seasonal sickness.

Experts say this year's flu vaccine seems to be effective, so they are searching for reasons why the season -- which usually peaks in February -- is severe some areas.

Infectious disease specialists think the cause of the big increase in flu sufferers this year might be due to the drier air, which allows the virus to spread farther than when the air is heavy and moist.

Experts say one way to avoid it is to get a flu shot.

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