Escondido family shares heartbreaking story of son's drug overdose, recovery

Aaron Rubin now a quadriplegic, unable to speak

ESCONDIDO, Calif. - Authorities in San Diego County say there's been a rash of prescription pill thefts from homes. Some incidents involve real estate open houses, while others may be internal thefts.

An Escondido family says their son's quest for pills turned their word upside down.

Sherrie Rubin told 10News she will never forget the day -- Oct. 9, 2005 -- when her son, Aaron, overdosed on prescription pills.

She said Aaron was 23 when he attended a party where drugs were plentiful.

Aaron is a graduate of Poway High School, where he played defensive back on the Titans football team.

“He is now a quadriplegic," said Rubin. "He can't talk.  He understands everything: one for yes, two for no. But he needs 24-hour care.”

According to Rubin, Aaron and his friends would get their drugs from their parent's medicine cabinet. 

"We had no prescription drugs," said Rubin.

However, when she asked Aaron if his friends had them, he responded with his hands to indicate yes.

Rubin said she now keeps the drugs they use for his care locked in a safe. There's also video surveillance. 

Authorities say the pills are worth a fortune on the street, with a single Oxycontin dose going for $50 to $80.

Realtors are advising sellers to beware.

“All I can remember is Mike and I, his dad, holding onto each other, leaning up against a wall that was very cold and falling to the floor crying,” said Rubin. 

She said she hopes by sharing their story it will serve as a warning to others.

The Rubins have appeared on several television shows and documentaries. They preach drug awareness under the acronym Hope -- heroin, oxycontin, prescription pill education.

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