Controversial holistic care provider Robert Young arrested at his Valley Center wellness center

Questions raised about alternative care provider

VALLEY CENTER, Calif. - A man in charge of a controversial holistic ranch in the North County that has served as a final resort for many cancer patients was arrested Thursday.

For many people, the pH Miracle Wellness Center is their last hope to beat cancer and other life-threatening diseases. The man who runs it, Robert Young, touts a non-alkaline diet and raw food, among other things, as a cure all for many diseases.

On Thursday, 10News learned more than 20 law enforcement officers raided Young's wellness center. Young was booked into jail for reasons his attorney said are unclear.

Young, who has written several health books and has a holistic care ranch, has been criticized for saying things like this in this online promotional video: "You don't get cancer, you don't have diabetes, you have to do it with lifestyle choices ... it's a matter of choice."

Young has a Ph.D., but he is not a medical doctor. He preaches that exercise and raw foods balance your ph and ensure you never get sick.

On Thursday morning, a source close to Young notified 10News that officers had raided his Valley Center ranch.

Young's attorney, Paul Pfingst, said he's unclear about the exact charges but said they are based on Young allegedly providing medical care without a proper medical license.

"He is providing medical care within the law of California that approves of alternative medical treatments," said Pfingst.

However, this is not the first time Young has dealt with the law. He had both felony and misdemeanor charges against him while he practiced in Utah, but both charges were dismissed.

Pfingst said Young's patients, like 20-year-old Thomas Doty, are fully aware of his treatment philosophies.

Doty traveled from Washington state to seek alternative treatment under Young in hopes of beating life-threatening cancer. He died in Young's care.

"Some people do not believe in alternative medical treatments, other people believe in them very strongly. The state of California allows the patient to choose how they want to approach their healing process. In this case, Dr. Young is protected by the statutes and laws of California," said Pfingst.

Young, who is scheduled to appear in court Friday, is being held on $1 million bail.

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