About 12,000 neurologists in San Diego for American Academy of Neurology annual meeting

SAN DIEGO - About 12,000 neurologists are in San Diego on Saturday for the American Academy of Neurology annual meeting.

At the same time, the NFL says they are working on making sure neurologists are on the sidelines of all of their football games so they can assess and treat concussions.

Though the group itself has not been asked by the NFL to weigh in on the issue, Dr. Christopher Giza, one of the neurologists in town for the meeting, supports the NFL's proposal.

"Being familiar with sideline medicine is important because this isn't an outpatient clinic," said Giza."You have to make decisions quickly. You don't have the leisure as if you were in an outpatient setting."

The conference is also teaching patients and families methods to identify, treat and deal with brain disease. One out of every six Californians is affected by a brain disease.

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