Concert kicks off big tribute to San Diego featuring Hollywood composer and San Diego locals

Starts noon Sunday at Border Field State Park,free

SAN DIEGO - Two symphonies will collaborate Sunday to prove music knows no borders.

Part of the San Diego Symphony and part of Tijuana's La Orquestra De Baja California will perform together at Friendship Park.

Although they will play next to each other, each group will perform from their respective side of the border, right by the beach.

The concert kicks off a tribute to San Diego with a song written about San Diego by Bill Conti, the composer of the theme song for the movie "Rocky" and one of Hollywood’s most sought after composers.

A team reached out to under-served communities through cultural festivals and the Internet and encouraged people to submit their songs and stories. More than 300 people responded and 18 people were chosen to contribute to the song.

The song was part of a two-year project called "Your Song, Your Story" led by the San Diego Symphony.

"What's unique about this is we take everything from Mexican dance, Taiko drumming, Guamanian dance, Tahitian dance ... it's going to be fantastic," said Leonor Perez, who is with the San Diego Symphony.

Conti‘s magic weaved everything into a unique 24-minute orchestral piece. Performances will include a big screen video display of San Diegans as well as live performers. 

Sunday’s performance starts at noon and is free. Parking is $5.

The first performance is downtown at Symphony Hall on Wednesday.

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