Balto's adoption story

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ESCONDIDO, Calif. - My name is Elise and I'm the happy mom of Balto; just wanted to say thank you to this awesome humane society for pairing me up with the perfect dog for my family!

My family has had Balto for around two years this Christmas.

Almost two years ago on Christmas day, I went online as my family had been searching for a dog for a while.

We had strict specifications though, as we were first time dog owners and have very picky and dramatic older cats.

Balto's description met every single one of our specifications, and more! However, the description was also honest and stated he was very "special needs" due to his nightmarish past – that he was found in a ditch, starving on an Indian reservation.

We called the day after and that's when we were paired up with Balto.

Balto had been staying at a foster parent's house; because he was too scared to stay in the shelter, it was too much for him.  Your foster parents at this humane society are amazing!

I don't know many humane societies that take such great care of their dogs and have so many volunteers and foster parents. (A big thanks to Clayton and Margaret!)

He hid at first, and was very aloof. But it was decided he was the one - it sure was a match made in Heaven!

We brought him home and we slowly got to know each other. He was shy, did not want to walk on his leash and in no way desired to go for car rides.

He hid for a good month or so, but gradually decided it was OK.

He's finally warmed up to us (and hugely grown on us!) and loves going for walks on his
leash, traveling, and even camping now. He can't get enough belly rubs and loves his squeaky toys.

Balto is a happy boy, and we're happy too.

Thank you so much for bringing Balto into our lives!

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