91 Percent Of San Diego Hotel Rooms Booked

San Diego Has Highest Hotel Room Occupancy Rate

Getting a hotel room in San Diego has become a difficult and expensive task for visitors.

More than 91 percent of the hotel rooms in San Diego have been booked since July. It's the highest percentage of any city in the country, 10News reported.

"You look at our growth, we're definitely up compared to last year. Our competition is also up. It bodes well for the city," W Hotel spokesman Rob Stirling said.

It's not just hotels in the heart of San Diego or along the waterfront that are doing well.

"The entire region or San Diego County area that is the destination -- part of the brand -- it's San Diego," San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau spokesman Sal Giametta said.

Giametta said the strong occupancy rate is a good sign for San Diego.

"Tourism is a major part of our local economy -- the third largest industry last year. It generated over $5 billion for local economy. It provided over 110,000 jobs for San Diegans throughout area," he said.

Another good sign is the amount people are paying to stay in area hotels.

The average price for a room is $123 -- third highest in country.

"That's good news. It means more dollars into local economy. It also means more hotel tax dollars for city of San Diego which needs those dollars to underwrite many of its services that benefit those of us who live here," Giametta said.

As Labor Day weekend approaches, expect to see more visitors. Experts are predicting San Diego will be a hot spot for the holiday weekend.

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