5 COOL ways to beat the heat today

The most desirable way to beat the heat is to take a vacation, but if that's not an option this summer, try some of these tips featured on Mother Nature Network  to stay cool and save on your A/C bills.

1. Wear loose clothes

Summer is your time to relax so you might as well dress like it. Guys, wear a cotton, short-sleeve shirt. Gals, try something "flowy" and lightweight.

2. Eat spicy foods

Need an excuse to try out a new Mexican or Indian restaurant? Well, here's your chance. Spicy foods make you sweat without raising your body temperature, and sweating will cool you down.

3. Don't gorge on meals

If eating to sweat is too gross for you, try smaller, more frequent meals instead of three big meals. It will allow your metabolism to work at a relaxed pace, keeping you cool, and it's better for you.

4. Have your air conditioner serviced

Without annual service, your A/C will lose around 5 percent of its efficiency each year. Plus, a professional will clean and lubricate the system while making sure you're all set for the months ahead.

5. Chill your wrist

Turns out that running cold water over your wrists for about a minute will cool you down. Your temples work the same way.

Read more tips on Mother Nature Network's website .

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