Welcome to the new 10News.com

Welcome to the all-new 10News.com! We’re proud to introduce new features and a fresh new design.

The moment you arrive at our homepage, you’ll see easier-to-use, dynamic menus that direct you to the news and weather you’re looking for.

We’ve improved the images, in size and quality, you see throughout the site.  Videos are easier to find; in fact, you can just scroll down the homepage to see our latest videos showcased together.

The biggest change to our site lies under the hood, but it shows itself every time you visit us.  The new 10News.com is built on “responsive design,” a leading-edge technology that ensures our website will display optimally on any device you use – a computer, tablet or smartphone. Try it!

On a desktop computer, you’ll see three columns of content. On a smaller tablet screen, the stories, photos and videos are rearranged into two columns.  And on a smartphone, even without an app, you get the same content, stacked in a single, easy-to-read and easy-to-scroll column.

The weather section gives you what you want and gives it to you immediately with the current conditions, the seven-day and hourly forecasts and the complete forecast right at the top of the page. The customizable interactive weather, charts and graphs that offer more depth are all there as well.

Traffic gives you just what you want as well, up-to-the-minute traffic conditions displayed on an interactive map that will give you all the details.

One thing, however, that’s not changing is the quality of our coverage. 10News.com is your trusted source of news and weather online, on our mobile apps and on social media.

We’d love to hear if you like the new 10News.com. Head here to let us know!

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