Friday's thunder: 'It sounded like a drum'

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A wave of thunderstorms rolled through our area Friday morning - bringing with it some loud claps of thunder, a little bit of lightning and some cooling rain.

Five-year-old Kristen Ramirez was at her home in Santee when she saw a big flash flash of lightning followed by a loud bang of thunder.

“It sounded like a drum,” she explained.

"Me and my brother were looking [out] the window,” she said. "We were scared and we were running.”

They ran to the couch and covered up with a blanket, which helped. Then, she put on her cheetah rain boots and headed outside because she loves the water.

She thought the rain was fun, as long as it wouldn’t get in the way of her big plans.

"I was going to go to my swimming class…… I think I’m going,” she said.

She hopes so, because after all, she sure does love water.

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