Obie the dachshund gets 'puppy tummy tuck' on journey to weight loss

Obie once weighed 77 pounds

A pudgy pooch is on the final leg of his weight loss journey.

Obie the dachshund had tipped the scales at 77 pounds, but has lost 40 pounds since August 2012.

Because the dramatic weight loss left little Obie, 7, with large amounts of loose, hanging skin, his caretaker took him to the vet for a "puppy tummy tuck".

More than 2 pounds of loose skin were removed and little Obie is said to be doing fine.

"He’s just been trapped in his obese body, and now he can act like a dog again,” owner Nora Vanatta, a veterinarian technician, told ABC News .

Obie's previous owners fed him people food, Vanatta said.


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